Ibiteinye Integrated Farms

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Welcome to Ibiteinye Integrated Farms

Ibiteinye Integrated Farms (IIF) Limited is an indigenous Integrated Farm.

OUR VISION is to contribute towards global food sufficiency through environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices.

OUR MISSION is to create employment, alleviate poverty, and generate wealth through Poultry, Aquaculture, Heliculture, Piggery, Fruits, Vegetables, herbs farming etc., as well as to convert farm wastes to high quality organic manure and clean energy (Biogas) to solve the prevalent electricity challenges.

We also mentor, train and assist farmers to setup.






Training & General Agric Consultancy

Ibiteinye Integrated Farms also conducts Agri-business training and consultancy services. We are structured to empower Nigerians with modern and enduring skills in the practical production, processing and marketing of quality agricultural products. IIF operations also empower local vendors in the Egg, broiler, layer, hog, fingerlings, dry fish, and local vegetables business. This in turn contributes to improvements in the economic, social, health and nutritional status of our numerous direct and indirect customers.

Our Business Model is Integrated Farming with zero waste concept. Waste water from the Poultry, Piggery and Aquaculture units are collected in receptacles, seeded with water-hyacinth for odour and pathogen control. This is later used for irrigation and manuring of crops. We plan to use the solid wastes generated to provide electricity (biogas) for the farm use and other facilities around the vicinity. In the meantime, the solid hog and poultry wastes are processed into organic manure for small holder farms. Weeded grasses and fallen leaves are used for weed control and mulching