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IIF has 9 brooding rooms with the carrying capacity of 9,000 day-old chicks. A grower’s Pen for 9,000 birds and 226 Units of Battery cages for 16,272 layers and the carrying capacity of 30,000 broilers per annum.

IIF Capacity (Aquaculture)

IIF has 18 concrete tanks, 3 earthen ponds, 10 incubating units and indoor hatchery with 12 nursery tanks. The Hatchery can produce 80,000 fingerlings every 2months i.e. 480,000 Juveniles per annum. The 18 concrete tanks have the capacity to hold 3000clarias each i.e. 97.2tons of table size clarias per annum.

IIF Capacity (Pigs)

IIF has 91 pig sties with the capacity to hold 1,036 weaners per-annum, using 3boars and 36 Sows which will produce 28 tons of Pork meat.

IIF Capacity (Snails)

IIF has 6 snail pens with the capacity of 3000 fully grown Achatina achatina each.

IIF Capacity (Feed Mill)

IIF has a feed mill with the capacity to produce one ton (1) of feed in 1hr.

IIF Vegetables/Herbs

The entire farm is practically a garden as available spaces are used to plant vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.Virtually everything planted on the farm form part of the feed for our livestock and the surplus sold either fresh or processed.

Ibiteinye Integrated Farms conducts Agri-business training and consultancy services. We are structured to empower Nigerians with modern and enduring skills in the practical production, processing and marketing of quality agricultural products. IIF operations also empower local vendors in the Egg, broiler, layer, hog, fingerlings, dry fish, and local vegetables business. This in turn contributes to improvements in the economic, social, health and nutritional status of our numerous direct and indirect customers.

Eggs, Broilers, Hogs, Snails & Catfish

Vegetables, Spices & Herbs